The internet is going dark. This may not, however, be happening in the fashion you might expect. The internet is based on an open system — its protocols and systems are build on freedom of speech. Anyone on the internet can talk to everyone else. Any computer or device connected to the world-wide web can navigate to Google or Facebook. In the past, data was sent “In the clear,” between devices. This means that all data was sent without any form of encryption or scrambling of data.

Today that basic principal is, however, changing. Many businesses and websites on the…

WeeWX is a free, open-source project written in Python. While it has many extensions and uses, its primary use is recording data and generating graphs. WeeWX runs on Linux and macOS. WeeWX is easy to set up and requires very little to get started. You can also take a look at the WeeWX home page, WeeWX user forums, and WeeWX GitHub repository for more information.


We are doing this install on a Raspberry Pi model B+ running Raspbian. Weewx is small enough that there is no visible slowdown even when running on the light-weight Raspberry Pi (Only 1GB of RAM).

Getting started with the software


WeatherTech, aka Gavin, is a computer science student who writes about weather and technology in his free time. Find my cybersecurity work at

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